Old North State Building Company (ONSBC) is a full service Residential and Commercial Licensed General Contractor.

As an Asheville Home Builder, with a focus on energy efficient residential development, we strive to reduce environmental impact while elevating our quality of life. When possible, we use locally sourced materials.

ONSBC pays attention to energy consumption of every home.
We double insulation code value and apply thermal bridging. Heating and cooling a home equates to one third of the energy costs. At ONSBC, we use ductless multi-zone HVAC for efficient heating and cooling. Our homes feature hybrid hot water heaters, LED lighting and Energy Star appliances.

Our clients see a dramatic drop in their monthly expenses. Not only does this lower the carbon footprint; IT SAVES MONEY. We apply these philosophies to development, and encourage conscious construction. Our team of responsible engineers, architects, and builders strive to serve our customers with environmental integrity.

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